L'Abri Fellowship
Swiss L'Abri

Lecture Schedule

Winter Lectures, 2015

For current information on exact dates and times or possible changes please send an e-mail to: swiss@labri.org

Lectures usually take place on Wednesday 14:00 and Friday 9:00 unless as otherwise noted below.

We will be having an Arts Week this summer from June 23-28, 2014. We will have two guest speakers during this time.

Dave Friedrich
will be lecturing on Boredom; he will also speak about Focal Practices; thirdly he will give a lecture entitled 'Is God a Social Construct?'; and finally he will lead a discussion on Dick Keyes book 'Chameleon Christianity.'

Dr. Greg Laughery will be giving talks from his book 'Living Spiritual Rhythms' books on January 23rd and 30th and also on the 20th and 27th of February.

PO Lind will be giving a number of lectures on art including 'The Flow of Art Through History,' 'An Introduction to the Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer,' and addressing the question 'Did the Master Painters Use Technology?'

Richard Bradford will be giving a number of talks on the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor.