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We are located in the small Alpine village of Huémoz, Canton de Vaud, and overlook the Rhone valley surrounded by a magnificent view of the Alps. From Geneva it is a 1½ hour train journey to the town of Aigle, followed by a winding trip by bus up the mountainside to L’Abri.

The French term L'Abri is translated "the shelter" in English. It is difficult to force L'Abri into a rigid category or come up with a precise description. It could be said to be an international study center and a residential community, while also being much more. In 1955, Francis and Edith Schaeffer, the founders of the work opened their chalet/home to those who were seeking answers to life’s many questions and L’Abri began.

Celebrating its sixtieth year in 2015, Swiss L’Abri is now made up of 7 chalets, and a staff of single people and families. L’Abri continues to provide the possibility for people to come to a place where they can be part of an extended family, receive honest answers to honest questions, and cultivate or pursue the truth of Christianity.

We emphasize a biblical Christ centered focus; hospitality; cultural awareness, analysis and where necessary critique; growing in community with God and one another, through the power of the Spirit. Other important concerns, to mention a few, are apologetics, true spirituality, where Christ is understood as Lord of all life, and a Christian worldview. As the pressures of extreme forms of postmodernism and new expressions of pantheism and pragmatism rise and gain a foothold in culture, Christians continue to need to know how to navigate through the high degree of confusion to clearer thinking and living for the sake of Christ. L’Abri is dedicated to helping provide this, firmly believing that questions and problems about God and life can be discussed rationally and answers sought, without resorting to having to take a leap in the dark.

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