South Africa L'Abri


Theme Week: 'Being Fully Human' (7-15 Dec 2019, E-Cape)

Dates: Sat 7 Dec to Sun 15 Dec (you can come for as long or short as you like)
Venue: Near Alexandria, Eastern Cape (we will provide details when you book)

This L’Abri week explores, from various angles, what it means to be fully human.  We will look at topics such as identity, community, relationships, what it means to be spiritual, the importance of questions, the nature and content of truth, the role of worldview, the story we inhabit and what this means for how we engage life.

A one-page info sheet with further details is downloadable here.


About Theme Weeks and Mini-Terms

One of the important things in the life of L'Abri is rhythm. There is a routine of meals, tea-times, work time, study time, lectures and discussions at all our L'Abri theme weekends, weeks or mini-terms. During lunches we usually sit together and you have the opportunity to bring your own questions for discussion. During the daily work time you will be invited to help in some way with making the community experience possible for all - cleaning up, cooking or organizing something.

Study time is for you to investigate the questions you have brought with you. You are invited to make use of the books available in our library or listen to a recorded MP3 lecture about the subject. For this purpose, please bring along your MP3 device with headphones. As L'Abri is quite informal, it is easy to distract yourself from your studies. You can make the most of your time with us by remaining intentional and respecting the timetable. A paper notebook will be useful. Laptops and other electronic devices are permitted as long as they do not interfere with the community dynamics. However, if you are unsure on this, we strongly recommend that you leave them at home. We aim to be fully present to each other in community - this means that our mobile phones are off or on silent and that we take other people's questions as seriously as our own.

L'Abri is a place for rest and renewing, but not a retreat. In order to benefit the most from L'Abri, we recommend that you engage in all the activities that make up this community life. One of the helpful things about being at L'Abri is that intellectual pursuits and discussion are mixed with working and practical tasks. This provides a space where people can begin to integrate their faith into all areas of life. This kind of integration is important in our increasingly compartmentalized world, and can be very freeing, though perhaps not terribly glamorous. A "mountain top experience" is not our goal. There may also be some perpetual disorganization and mostly not enough space for visitors to have private rooms. You may find some of this difficult, but there is a reality to the environment that many have found helpful.

If you are able to play some musical instrument, recite or compose poems, or have any artistic skills, it will be a pleasure for all to share that in a L'Abri "high tea" or similar occasion. To come to L'Abri you should be at least 18 years old.