South Africa L'Abri



Vera Marbach is a wife, mother, teacher and facilitator-coach. She trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked in psychiatry and paediatrics; she also has a certificate in Theology. During the last few years she has become involved in inter-racial meetings to address the racial tensions evident in South African society. She is passionate about making faith practical, conscious and thought-through living, active citizenship and social justice. She is interested in history and how it influences our present. She writes poetry to process her thoughts and challenges, and published a collection of her poems, "Dwelling in Dissonance", in 2017.

Thorsten Marbach is a husband, father, engineer and theologian. He holds degrees in the latter two, while his learning in the first two is ongoing. Born in Germany but raised in SA, Thorsten started his working life in the corporate world in I.T. and Telecommunications. He then changed track, and besides his work at L'Abri he also teaches at a local Bible College and co-ordinates a weekly thought leadership forum. A common theme in these endeavours is exploring what truth & goodness look like, how we understand and engage reality, and how our faith connects with all areas of life.

Segomotso Semosa is a sleep deprived mother of a little girl who gives fat, wet kisses. She is a wife to but one husband who happens to be a soccer coach. She is interested in ideas, beauty, truth, justice, food and movies. She is currently trying her hand at becoming an entrepreneur in the hospitality sector. She was a student and a helper at the English L'Abri for over a year, and is currently a companion of the South African L'Abri. She leads, facilitates and hosts some of the L'Abri discussions and also gives talks.