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Welcome to L'Abri South Africa

Thank you for your interest in the South African Resource Centre of L'Abri. We hope this information is useful in connecting you to our community. If you have further questions, do contact us at

The idea of a resource centre may seem a little strange in an internet age. As a resource centre we hope to provide you access to a community that offers hospitality in various space and at various times with monthly discussions, occasional conferences, theme weekends and weeks, lectures and mini-terms. We, as yet, do not have a designated L'Abri property and are doing this work part-time out of our home close to Pretoria, with theme weeks and weekends happening at various beautiful places, usually outside of busy city life. We welcome all who are seeking answers to life's many questions.

It would be easy to assume that L'Abri focuses on intellectuals or intellectual pursuits only, especially in the work of a resource centre. We try to emphasise that this is not the case and that the life-affirming truth of Christianity speaks to all of human life - this means our lives are not divided between "sacred" and "secular" activities.  We believe that the Bible's description of reality is true, in a meaningful sense of the word "true". This means that a commitment to God makes sense and that faith is never divorced from reason. Moreover, because Christianity is true, not only can it be discussed intellectually, it can also be passionately imagined and practically lived out as the truth. Christian faith integrates all of human life, including our minds, our hearts, our work, our play, and our relationships. This also means that art, history, philosophy, economics, psychology, education, politics, science, contemporary society and all other realms of thought can be engaged from a Biblical perspective.