Rochester L'Abri

During your stay, your days will be spent studying and working (each for half a day). A tutor will help direct your studies and will meet regularly with you during your stay. L'Abri life revolves around 3 meals a day, with one ‘formal’ lunch each day where we try to focus on group discussion, and a more informal evening meal. Practical work consists of whatever the needs of the moment may demand, with outdoor work varying depending on the time of year, from digging gardens to raking leaves, and shoveling the snow in winter (casual clothes for outdoor work is helpful). Inside there is always much to do with many meals to prepare as well as keeping a busy house clean. These work times help us to keep on top of the practical needs, but also facilitate the life of the community, as we all pitch in and work together. Important conversations are as likely over the dishes or in the vegetable garden, as in a private tutorial.

Time spent at L'Abri is full, and you should understand that this is not a quiet retreat center 'away from it all'. People come from many different backgrounds, Christian and non-Christian, having heard that L'Abri is a place where questions are taken seriously. Those who come may be having difficulties and struggles in one way or another - intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. Others may not have specific questions but simply desire a time for study and growth. So our 'mix' or blend of people varies.

Finally, for those of you who join us during the winter months, do remember that this is Minnesota and so don’t forget to bring your long underwear!

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