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Winter Lecture Schedule 2014
all lectures begin at 8:00 pm and are held at
L'Abri Fellowship
49 Lynbrook Road
Southborough, MA 01772

Jan. 17       Reflections on How to Raise Thankful People
Ben Keyes
Jan. 24       Walking with God: Humility and a Sense of Other
Dick Keyes
Jan. 31      The Gift of Sight in a Pornified Culture
Joshua Chestnut
Feb. 7        “Lord, Make Me Solid Oak”: What has authenticity to do with integrity?
Sarah Chestnut
Feb. 10      (Monday) Reconnecting the Threads: Theology as Sacramental Tapestry
Dr. Hans Boersma (Prof. of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC)
Feb. 14      Staying Human in a Culture of Busyness
Mary Frances Giles
Feb. 21      Some Important Questions to Ask
Dick Keyes
Feb. 28      The Temple, Technology and Cultural Transformation
Dr. Walter Kim (Associate Minister, Park Street Church, Boston)
Mar.  7       Lament: A Path Toward Thankfulness in a Broken World, Part I
Ben Keyes

Mar. 11     (Tuesday) Surveillance after Snowden: Decoding the Snooping Scandal
Dr. David Lyon (Director, Surveillance Studies Centre, Queens University) 
Mar. 14     The Strange Search for the Historical Jesus
Dick Keyes
Mar. 21      Sighs too Deep for Words: Improvisation and the Life of the Moment
James Falzone (Jazz Clarinetist, composer and Prof. of Music)

Fall 2013

Sept. 13      Vine and Branches – What is a Christian’s Connection to Christ? I
Dick Keyes
Sept. 20     Christ, Our Creator: Learning to See Jesus in the Things He Has Made                                                                  
Phillip Johnston
Sept. 27     Vine and Branches – What is a Christian’s Connection to Christ? II
Dick Keyes
Oct. 4        Jip, Poetry and Living with Christ                            
Lynne Byler
Oct. 11      A Review of the book The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We Are by Jenell Williams Paris
Mardi Keyes
Oct. 18      Listening to Ben Keyes’ newly released album The Last Laugh
Ben Keyes      
Oct. 23      Film screening and discussion of Days of Heaven (dir. Terrence Malick, 1978)
*Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM                              
Phillip Johnston
Oct. 25      Nature, Grace and Needs Worth Having: The Films of Terrence Malick, Then and Now
Phillip Johnston
Nov. 1        “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”: How Boundaries Help Us Flourish
Mary Frances Giles
Nov. 8        Recovering the Strangeness of our Familiar Redemption Story, Part III: The Cross                                                            
Ben Keyes

Summer 2013

May   18    Memorial Service for Edith Schaeffer (November 3, 1914 - March 30, 2013)

May   24    Same Sex Marriage – What is at Stake?
Dick Keyes
May  31     He has told you what is good... to love kindness
Sue Morrell
June  7      The Problem of Our Selves, I: A Sense of Other
Dick Keyes
June  14    Taking Comfort in the Foolishness of God
Phillip Johnston
June  21    “Eustace read none of the right books…” C. S. Lewis on Reading
Linny Dey
June  28     Recovering the Strangeness of Our Familiar Redemption Story, Part II: The Same Old Christmas Story
Ben Keyes
July    5      The Problem of Our Selves, II: Self-Interest
Dick Keyes
July   12    The Hospitality of God
Ben Keyes
July 19      The Problem of Our Selves, III: When the Self is the Foundation for Meaning
Dick Keyes