English L'Abri


Term Dates
2018 - 2019

11 January - 3 April

15 May - 7 August

14 September - 11 December


11 Jan – 8 April 

14 May – 6 August  ​​​​​​​

13 Sept – 7 Dec ​​​​​​​

It is always best to make a booking by contacting us as early as possible to ensure we have space available. We will confirm your reservation once we receive your request (see below) and ask you to reconfirm your booking two weeks prior to your arrival date. If you are joining us for the entire term, please do note that the dates given above are INCLUSIVE. We cannot accommodate people arriving before and/or wanting to stay on after the dates published.

Our space is limited so if your schedule changes or you have to cancel for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. The cost of your stay per night is £18 for long-term visitors (staying at least 8 weeks) and £20 for short-term visitors (staying anything less than 8 weeks). We have tried to keep the cost down, but if this is a problem, please discuss it with us prior to coming, as we do not want lack of money to keep anyone from being here.

For short-term visitors, fees are to be paid upon your arrival. For long-term visitors, fees can be paid monthly in advance and the first month is due when you arrive. Fees include 3 meals per day, a bed (with sheets, blankets and pillow), towels, laundry, etc.

If you are coming as a family with children it is important to book early. It is worth bringing your children's books and toys. While one parent is having personal time for half a day the other is looking after the children. The flat has its own cooking facilities and, again depending on your children's ages, you will be expected to have some meals on your own, as little children especially cannot handle the discussion lunches. This is something we can work out to suit the needs of each family. We also ask that parents ensure the children respect the home life of those living here. The cost for children aged 10-17 is £7.00 per night, aged 2-9 £5.00 per night and ‘babes in arms’ free

Important Note to Non EU Visitors; If you are coming from a non E.U. country, it is essential that you describe yourself as a visitor rather than as a student since we are not a formal educational institution in the eyes of the government.

Further you should have a paper copy of our introductory letter (please request this from our office), copies of any email correspondence with us, plus a return ticket and proof that you can pay for your stay (i.e., a bank statement).

To request a reservation, please send us an email with the following information: Name, Gender, nationality, Dates of Attendance, Email Address, Phone Number, Medically Diagnosed Food Allergies (see the note "Regarding mealtimes at English L'Abri" on the About Your Stay page for more information), and a Brief Biography.

Please see About Your Stay for more details.