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St. Louis L'Abri Conference – 2014:

For the past 20 years the Rochester L'Abri has hosted an annual L'Abri Conference in Rochester, Minnesota every February. Given the popularity of these Conferences, we have started to bring the best of this Conference down to the St. Louis area. We plan to host an annual St Louis Conference every fall that will be a shorter version of the Rochester Conference. It will have the same theme and plenary speakers but take place over just one Saturday.

2014 St Louis L'Abri Conference: October 18th

To Walk Humbly with your God – True Spirituality in an Age of Counterfeits

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Jerram Barrs - The Biblical Basis for True Spirituality
Bill Edgar - Spirituality according to Francis Schaeffer
Richard Winter - Mindfulness, Meditation and the Mind of Christ


Jerram Barrs - Dependence on the Spirit and Delighting in the Law: Are these in Tension?
Bill Edgar - Credible Conversations with the Gay Community
Richard Winter - The Hidden Power of Shame
Zack Eswine - Recovering our Humanity: Ambition amid the Ordinary
Larry Snyder - Technology versus True Spirituality
Mark Ryan - True Spirituality and the Christian Apologist

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What is a L'Abri Conference?

L'Abri is the French word for shelter. The L'Abri ministry was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer in 1955 to provide an environment where Christians and non-Christians could seek answers to questions about God and truth. Following in that tradition, a L'Abri Conference is an opportunity through lectures, discussions, and personal interaction, to feed and hone the mind in an effort to deepen one's understanding of what it means to be a Christian in our society. The on-campus housing and mealtimes are designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas among conferees and speakers.



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