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Anyone is welcome to attend our Friday night talks! These events are free to join. If you have any questions or if you'd like to receive regular notices for these events, please email us at

Talks and discussions begin this September at 6485 West Saanich Road at 7 PM. Please come early (6 PM) for some soup, bread, and salad. Bring some food along if you'd like to help us have food for everyone. At the talks we will have tea, coffee, and dessert.

Summer Term (19 June - 31 July 2019)

21 June - Clarke Scheibe, "Luke 18: Two Reflections on Prayer"

28 June - Liz Snell, "The Top 40: What does today's hit music say about us?"

5 July - Clarke Scheibe, "Living as if: Christians and Atheists looking over their shoulders at one another"

12 July - Tom Snell, "An Inch Thick: Artifice, Authenticity, and the Cross of Christ"

19 July - Scott McDowell, "Dating the church...forever? Church commitment in light of the age of individualized spirituality"

26 July - Luke Martin, professor of theology at Eton College, On the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Some Past Lectures

Liz Snell, "'To What Serves Mortal Beauty?' God and Human Attractiveness"

Clarke Scheibe, "Understanding Jordan Peterson II: Understanding the Phenomenon"

Liz Snell, "Truth by Fiction: How Telling Tales Helps Us Live in Reality"

Clarke Scheibe, "Thy Kingdom Come: Is Social Justice the End Goal for Christianity?"

David Salverda, "Honest to God: Making Room for Lament in the Life of Faith"

Clarke Scheibe, "A Look at Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos"

Liz Snell, "Was Jesus an Activist?"

Liz Snell, "Is Sex A Human Right?"