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Upcoming Talks, Fall 2018


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L'Abri Canada will be hosting events for the Fall. Anyone is welcome! These events are free to join. If you have any questions or if you'd like to receive regular notices for these events, please email us at

Talks and discussions begin this September at 6485 West Saanich Road at 7 PM. Please come early (6 PM) for some soup, bread, and salad. Bring some food along if you'd like to help us have food for everyone. At the talks we will have tea, coffee, and dessert.

Winter Term (31 Oct - 5 Dec 2018)

2 Nov - Clarke Scheibe, "The Spirit at Work: How God Relates to our Jobs"

9 Nov - Dennis Danielson, Professor Emeritus at UBC, an intellectual historian and Milton scholar with interests in the history and literature of science, "Against the Ongoing Abolition of Man"

16 Nov - Liz Snell, "Is Sex A Human Right?"

23 Nov - Scott Dyer, "Film and Narrative"

30 Nov - Clarke Scheibe, "Sexuality and Shame"

Fall Term (6 Sept - 17 Oct 2018)

7 Sept - Clarke Scheibe, Galatians, Part 3

15 Sept - Paul Chamberlain, Director for the Institute of Christian Apologetics at Trinity Western University, "Is Religion Dangerous: A Response to New Atheism"

21 Sept - David Golubski, "Video Games and the Christian Worldview"

28 Sept - Lydia Collin, "Of Plato, Barth, and the Freedom of Music"

5 Oct - Liz Snell, "Was Jesus an Activist?"

12 Oct - Clarke Scheibe, "Evangelicals and Trump"

Summer Term (June - August 2018)

22 June - Clarke Scheibe, Galatians, Part 2

29 June - Liz Snell, "That Nameless Thing : The Spiritual Journey of Emily Carr"

6 July - Clarke Scheibe, "A Look at Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos"

13 July - Lynne Ellis, "Women as Leaders in the Church"

20 July - Clarke Scheibe, "The Search for Authenticity"

27 July - David Salverda, "A Feel for Where We Are: The Changing Religious Landscape in Canada"

Spring Term (May - June 2018)

4 May - Jessica Ziakin Cook - "Drawing and Prayer"

11 - 12 May - Bruce Hindmarsh, Regent College professor - "The Rise of Evangelicalism and Modernity: Views of Nature and Human Nature"
    Friday, May 11 - "Evangelicals and the Rise of Science"
    Saturday, May 12 - "Evangelicals and the Rise of Natural Ethics"

18 May - Clarke Scheibe - Galatians, Part 1

25 May - Nick Hunter, "Christianity and Theater"

1 June - Liz Snell - "Have Christians Lost the Culture Wars? Exploring Rod Dreher's Benedict Option"