Canadian L'Abri


L'Abri does not engage in fundraising. From the very beginning we have prayed and looked to God for the provision of our needs. Our aim in offering the possibility of online donations is simply to facilitate the giving of gifts for donors, not to ask for funds.

If you wish to pay student fees through Paypal, please email (There is a 3% additional fee for this service, due to the PayPal transaction fee).

If you wish to donate to Canadian L'Abri you may now do so online by following the instructions. This is for donations to Canadian L'Abri only.

You can make a donation through most Canadian banks by e-transfer for a $1.50 transaction fee. All you need to complete this is our email address

You can also donate by paypal for a one time gift, or monthly recurring gift. There is a transaction fee, but we can issue a receipt for the full amount of your donation.

Payment Options

American tax payers can make a donation to L'Abri Canada through the Rochester branch of L'Abri and receive a tax receipt. For a one-time or monthly recurring gifts, you may send a check or set up Bill Pay through your online banking account. You will need the Rochester address (see below) to complete the Bill Pay service, but please designate the gift for L'Abri Canada. If you have any questions, you may email us at Thank you!

L'Abri Fellowship
1465 12th Ave NE Rochester, MN
United States of America

In the unlikely event that you get a Security certificate question, you may safely click Yes to be linked to the secure PayPal site for L'Abri Fellowship, Canada.