Canadian L'Abri

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NOTE: Those who'd like to stay for two consecutive terms can plan for camping between our term dates. There is a lot of great camping on the island.


Email us at for any inquiries or if you have any questions.

If you are interested in attending L'Abri Canada for all or some portion of one of the above mentioned terms, please:

* contact our L'Abri office by email in order to make sure there is room for you (please do not just turn up)

* include in your email the following details: your name (first and surname, please)

* your age (you must be 18 or over to attend L'Abri)

* your current address + phone number

* some comment upon your interest in attending L'Abri

* some indication as to what you would like to study/focus on while at L'Abri and your preferred dates for attending.

* do feel welcome to include a brief biography such as would help us get to know you (2 brief paragraphs)

Once we have confirmed your dates and availability this end, we will ask you to forward to us a non-refundable deposit of $35.00 CAD. (See fees below.) You may pay by check in the mail or by PayPal. When we have received your deposit and have all of the details above, then we will consider you booked and reserve you a space in the L'Abri term. Should you cancel, we will claim the non-refundable deposit. Should you arrive as booked, we will apply the deposit toward your student fees.


The cost of staying at L'Abri Canada is as follows:

For short-term visitors, fees are to be paid upon your arrival. For long-term visitors, fees can be paid monthly in advance and the first month is due when you arrive. Fees include 3 meals per day, a bed (with sheets, blankets and pillow), towels, laundry, etc.

* The standard cost for all guests will be $35 CAD per person, per night. This figure includes your meals as well as your accommodation. It also includes access to study materials.

Usual practice at L'Abri Canada is to come with your first month's fees in hand. If you are booked in for a period longer than one month, then we require the balance of your fees prior to the conclusion of your stay.

Payment can be made by cash (Canadian funds only please) and by personal check (made out to L'Abri Fellowship Canada). Cheques are acceptable in Canadian or American funds. We also accept foreign bank drafts. We do not have debit or credit card facilities. We will gladly issue you with a receipt for all student fees paid to L'Abri.

Please see About Your Stay for more details.