Australian L'Abri




We regret that residential stays are currently not available.

Please email or telephone Frank & Heather to discuss your proposed stay in our home. A minimum of one week is recommended.

You must be at least 18 years old. Married couples are welcome.

We can accommodate up to 12 visitors. Rooms may need to be shared. Accommodation and meal costs are met by a suggested donation of up to AUD 100/week or AUD 20/day.

L’Abri is not a retreat centre. Whilst the time of your stay will be relaxed and will include a day off per week for outings, there is nevertheless structure in each day. You can expect to participate in morning Bible study and meal time discussions, and to gain from serious personal study – using books and lectures. You will also serve others via group work times, both indoors and outside. Your visit may coincide with a Saturday seminar.

Although we are not professional counsellors we are more than willing to think through with you the Christian worldview as applied to your own circumstances.

Musical instruments are welcome. There is adequate access to email and telephone, at appropriate times.

When you apply it would be helpful to include a brief outline of your reasons for wanting to come to L’Abri, to assist you in focusing on what you want to gain from your stay.