Australian L'Abri




Frank & Heather Stootman

Frank & Heather Stootman are both science trained. Frank holds a PhD in Physics and Heather a PhD in Chemistry.

Frank is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). This is an honorary appointment following many years of lecturing and research at UWS. His primary scientific interests are astrophysics and computational simulation. He has lectured extensively on the relationship of Christianity (Revelation) to Science (Natural Philosophy). He has eclectic interests in philosophy, music, history, politics, the arts, and film. He is a keen amateur videographer and video editor.

Heather has administered the home, a business and L’Abri for many years, raising three adult children and assisting with three grandchildren. Heather likes reading, sewing and family history. She sings in a local community choir, loves to garden, and does a lot of listening!

Both Frank & Heather have been involved with L’Abri, in various capacities, for over 30 years. They like to help people to see that God is and that becoming and being a Christian is not simply a matter of head knowledge but also heart knowledge too. Rather than what one achieves in life, it is living before God faithfully and authentically with integrity that is the real measure of a person.